A fun photo booth designed for today’s events. The Selfie Booth is a full digital photo booth option great for every event from graduation parties, birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, and more!


Selfie Booth

The Selfie Booth is an attractive Photo Booth that can bring so much fun to your event. It is fully customizable from Start Screens, Front LED, available Digital Props. Trust us it will be the Life of the Party

Drop Off or Staffed

Selfie Booth is available for Drop off or Staffed

Drop Off Photo Booth: If you want to rent a photo booth in San Diego, we can deliver you the Selfie Booth and show you how it works before your event.

Staffed Photo Booth: We have a team of professional event staff and booth operators eager to give your guests the time of their lives, inviting them to partake in the fun of the Selfie Booth. Our team sure knows how to get the party going!

Unlimited Sessions

While the party is going on, guests can take pictures at the Selfie Booth so that there’s no pause in the fun, and there’s enough time for everyone to get enough shots to flood their timelines.

Instant Sharing

Your guests can receive their top-quality pictures, GIFs, and Boomerangs instantly via email or text, all set to be shared on social media.

Tailored Photo Overlays

You get to choose from our available overlays and get them personalized in the colors and theme of your event. You may also get custom-designed overlays for your event or brand.

State-of-the-art Tech

The Selfie Booth comes with a customizable LED light ring and trailblazing software, making for a unique and timeless experience.

Something for Everyone

What makes the Selfie Booth so unique is all the things you can do with it. It is more of an experience than a photo booth. There is a customizable LED, fun start screens, and of course, the memories it helps produce.

Selfie Photo Booth

Give your guests a fabulous time taking the best pictures of their lives and register your event in their minds for a lifetime. A Mirrored Memories Selfie Photo Booth is just what you need to make your event eventful.

Are you thinking along the lines of bringing the fun and still taking things easy on the budget? With our Selfie Photo Booth, you don’t have to break the bank for a fantastic photo booth experience. And who’s to say you can’t have more than one Selfie Booth at your event?

You have a ton of layout, color, and graphic options to choose from to make every events photo, GIF, Boomerang, or even video unique and magical, and you can get a custom-made logo to mark all the pictures from your event.
Our Selfie Photo Booth software is customizable, interactive, and easy to use on your own. Yes, with our Drop Off Photo Booth package, you get the option to have us drop it off at your party and hand the reins over to you. Otherwise, you can take advantage of our staffed service option.

You also get instant filters, so your guests don’t need any extra editing before posting to social media. Partiers can get their images in several ways, including text, email, and even Airdrop.

Our unique Selfie Booth is the perfect blend of chic and fun. It’s simple, it’s instant, and it’s fabulous!
What kind of event are you planning? Our sleek Selfie Photo Booth will serve perfectly for the most elegant of weddings, the peppiest of parties, or the most momentous of corporate events.

P.S. If you would like a Selfie Photo Booth permanently installed in your office or place of business to add some spice to your everyday operations, we’re also here for you. We’ve installed Selfie Photo Booths in bars, restaurants, and shops all across Southern California.


Drop Off Service – Delivery and Setup
Unlimited Use of Booth
Personalized Overlay
Custom LED Color(s)
Pictures, GIF’s and Boomerangs
Digital Delivery (Texting or Email Photos)
Venue Insurance upon Request


High-Quality Prints*
Custom Branded Screens
Custom Overlay Design
Live Gallery
Custom Backdrop
Green Screen Backdrop
Animated Overlays
Data Collection
Photo Booth Attendant
Corporate Events and Branding