What’s a photo booth with no smashing backdrop to back it up and set the tone?

A backdrop sets the tone and plays a huge role in creating that fun atmosphere you need for your party photo booth. For that special celebratory effect, you can choose from our beautiful variety of pre-designed photo booth backdrops to complement your magic mirror booth rental.

We’ve put together quite an assortment of exciting textures and themes for you, whether you’re going for playful or proper. Our contemporary designs will match any style, no matter the purpose of your occasion.

We’re also constantly adding to our backdrop collection to keep things fresh and dynamic. And we do it all for you.

Get a Custom Photo Booth Backdrop

Do you have a particular color, design, or theme in mind for your event? Let your imagination run wild! We can help design you a custom backdrop using your name, brand colors, logo, monogram, etc., to create a unique and tailored effect.

Our graphic design team would also be glad to create unique photo frames to match your party theme and make the pictures from your distinctive event keepsakes that stand out wherever they’re seen, with all the special memories attached. You can also select from our pre-designed templates, or we can simply alter them to suit your purpose.